Col. Samuel Jones' Regiment of Foote
Blimey! Haven't been here for a while...(understatement!)
Where did the time go? Last posted here over 2 years ago. Unfortunately the site has been neglected as of late (my fault entirely) and this will be rectified.
We are at the start of a new season and only a few short weeks away from what promises to be one of the best musters for some time, at Blenheim Palace. So dust off your kit, kick out the jams and get battling!
Last one to the skirmish line buys the first round!
Yours in the Cause
Adrian M. Salisbury-Smith
Officer Commanding, Col. Samuel Jones' Regimentof Foote.
Firstly may I wish everyone a Happy New Year. Christmas is now a dim and distant memory and we have a year of battling to look forward to.
Current members who have renewed should have received their membership cards by now, just in time for Nantwich next weekend.
2011 is already looking good, with events at Elvaston Castle, Newbury, Colchester, Cheriton and Loseley Park with more to follow no doubt. Details of Jones' target events will follow, probably with the next copy of Green Machine, due out after Nantwich.
I look forward to seeing you all soon.
Yours in the Cause
Adrian M Salisbury-Smith
Officer Commanding, Col.Samuel Jones' Regiment of Foote.
The 2010 season came to a close (well as far as Major Musters are concerned) with the event at Basing House, Hampshire. The location is an important one for Jones', the original regiment fought there with distinction in 1644 and with this in mind the entire brigade assumed our identity on the Sunday battle, along with Tilliers Regiment. Both days battling was excellent and Sunday was a particularly long day with performing the pre-battle display, well done and thanks to you all for taking part. Thanks too to Hawkins Regiment for putting the event on.
Off the battlefield, the Regiment spent a very pleasant Saturday afternoon at the Millstone in Old Basing followed by good evenings in the beer tent for the rest of the weekend.
On Sunday evening we had the Regimental AGM, the culmination of which was the hand over of the Regiment from the Command of Dick Crack to myself. I would like to thank him for the many years of work he has put into Jones' over many years and the Army also showed it's appreciation prior to the battle on Monday by presenting Dick with the much coveted Fairfax Medal in gratitude for all his endeavours.
Sunday night was a great deal of fun with the Regiment singing, joking and laughing together, it was good to see so many there.
Update 17/07/2010

It's been a little while since my last update here and there have been a couple of events since then.

Firstly, Redbourn 900. A BIG Thank You to Sean Murray and the Earl of Northampton's Regiment for putting this event on. Several of the Norfolk Jones' attended this, but because of a logistical problem we were unable to put many on the field. This is being addressed and we must try harder not to let this happen again. That being said, I'm told that those who went had a great time.

Secondly, The Wolverhampton Show, last weekend. A smaller attendance from the Regiment this time but, from what I've been told, well worth it. Another BIG Thank You, this time to Houghton's Regiment for doing the honours, especially to Andy Miles for organising the additional passes at such short notice.
Well, the season got off to a flying (if not a little late) start with two days of hard fighting at Stratford-Upon-Avon. It was good to see so many there, espescially all you new people. Saturday was a hard day with both doing the pre-battle display and the soaring temperature. It was great to see our pike as a sole unit and our musketeers performed well. Sunday was cooler and wetter by the end of play. A big Thank You to you all for putting the effort in.
If you are free next weekend, dont forget Andy and Donna's little event at Middle Claydon I'm sure they would appreciate it.
Welcome to the new Jones' website, here's hoping we don't experience the same problems as we did with the last one.
Last weekend we attended the Armie of Parliament Training weekend at Naseby. It was cold but fun, a brilliant band on the Sunday night and a cracking selection of ales in the beer tent.
During the weekend we had a meeting to discuss the up and coming changes in the Regiment and also talked about recruiting. It has been decided that we will have a recruiting day in Norwich in July (date to be confirmed).
Lastly, I would like to pass my congratulations and commiserations to our gentlemen of the pike who won this year's 'King of the Hill' contest only to be almost instantaneously disqualified. It would appear that not only did we bolster numbers from within the brigade but we also pressed a number of Royalists into the block who were there trading, our thanks to our friends in Godolphins, Hawkins and the Kings Guard for their assistance. It was the most impressive block by far and didn't lose a single push. For those that missed it, here's the final push (video with permission of Steve Liddle)
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Col. Samuel Jones' Regiment of Foote