Col. Samuel Jones' Regiment of Foote
The 2010 season came to a close (well as far as Major Musters are concerned) with the event at Basing House, Hampshire. The location is an important one for Jones', the original regiment fought there with distinction in 1644 and with this in mind the entire brigade assumed our identity on the Sunday battle, along with Tilliers Regiment. Both days battling was excellent and Sunday was a particularly long day with performing the pre-battle display, well done and thanks to you all for taking part. Thanks too to Hawkins Regiment for putting the event on.
Off the battlefield, the Regiment spent a very pleasant Saturday afternoon at the Millstone in Old Basing followed by good evenings in the beer tent for the rest of the weekend.
On Sunday evening we had the Regimental AGM, the culmination of which was the hand over of the Regiment from the Command of Dick Crack to myself. I would like to thank him for the many years of work he has put into Jones' over many years and the Army also showed it's appreciation prior to the battle on Monday by presenting Dick with the much coveted Fairfax Medal in gratitude for all his endeavours.
Sunday night was a great deal of fun with the Regiment singing, joking and laughing together, it was good to see so many there.

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Col. Samuel Jones' Regiment of Foote