Col. Samuel Jones' Regiment of Foote
Welcome to the new Jones' website, here's hoping we don't experience the same problems as we did with the last one.
Last weekend we attended the Armie of Parliament Training weekend at Naseby. It was cold but fun, a brilliant band on the Sunday night and a cracking selection of ales in the beer tent.
During the weekend we had a meeting to discuss the up and coming changes in the Regiment and also talked about recruiting. It has been decided that we will have a recruiting day in Norwich in July (date to be confirmed).
Lastly, I would like to pass my congratulations and commiserations to our gentlemen of the pike who won this year's 'King of the Hill' contest only to be almost instantaneously disqualified. It would appear that not only did we bolster numbers from within the brigade but we also pressed a number of Royalists into the block who were there trading, our thanks to our friends in Godolphins, Hawkins and the Kings Guard for their assistance. It was the most impressive block by far and didn't lose a single push. For those that missed it, here's the final push (video with permission of Steve Liddle)

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Col. Samuel Jones' Regiment of Foote