Col. Samuel Jones' Regiment of Foote
Update 17/07/2010

It's been a little while since my last update here and there have been a couple of events since then.

Firstly, Redbourn 900. A BIG Thank You to Sean Murray and the Earl of Northampton's Regiment for putting this event on. Several of the Norfolk Jones' attended this, but because of a logistical problem we were unable to put many on the field. This is being addressed and we must try harder not to let this happen again. That being said, I'm told that those who went had a great time.

Secondly, The Wolverhampton Show, last weekend. A smaller attendance from the Regiment this time but, from what I've been told, well worth it. Another BIG Thank You, this time to Houghton's Regiment for doing the honours, especially to Andy Miles for organising the additional passes at such short notice.

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Col. Samuel Jones' Regiment of Foote